SV Salio was founded in 2014 to connect interdisciplinary Top Talent students. Now it is an association for all Top Talent students at Saxion University of Applied Sciences. SV Salio works closely with Saxion Top Talent, for example with organizing activities, but also to set up an alumni policy. The interdisciplinary background of our members makes SV Salio a vibrant community and a place where everyone is welcome.

No great thing, no beautiful invention was ever made in a vacuum. It happens when we leave our comfort zone and come together. This happens especially when we embrace different personalities, ideologies, religions. This is exactly what SV Salio stands for. The semi-circles in the logo represent the various Top Talent students who are part of Saxion. The best way Saxion Top Talent works is everybody in, nobody out. So who we are made of, is everyone. Differences not just celibrated but essential.

We represent our members, all Top Talent students. Saxion Top Talent is not a one thing, but it contains various Honors and Excellence programs. Our mission is to connect the Top Talent students. The difficulty in Saxion Top Talent is that we do not see things the same, but at the same time that is our power.

More about Saxion Top Talent

Guest Lectures

We organize guest lectures with interesting speakers, in addition to your Top Talent program.

Networking Events

In addition, we provide fun networking drinks at least once a month.

Bringing Together

We bring the Top Talent students from different programs together.


By working together in an interdisciplinary manner, we come up with ideas that we would have never come up with otherwise.

Innovation Days

Every year you are more than welcome at the Innovation Days where all students work together on different problems.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!