Creativity Training

On 01/06 Saxion’s creative training took place in the Harry Bannink theater. This day was all about creativity and teamwork. This meeting was for both Top Talent students / teachers and regular students / teachers. This event even attracted people from outside Saxion.

The day started at 09:00, but there was coffee. After a short introduction we were asked to make groups of about six people. This group was your team for the rest of the day. We received an explanation about different types of creativity and how your brain deals with them.

After this explanation each group went to an assignment. We got a sheet of paper and all had to draw at the same time what we heard, while one person told a story. This resulted in a so-called ‘rich picture’.
After the drawing was made we went looking for a concrete problem definition that matched the drawing. This definition had to be communicated in a certain way and that caused some frustration among the practical people among us. It was not about the result, but about communication and patience. Very instructive though.

When we finally formulated a problem definition, we got some explanation about convergence, divergence and role distributions. We then started to come up with solutions for our problem definition. Then the usefulness of criminal thinking in our creative process was also explained, which in turn provided new solutions per problem and especially for a lot of laughter.
We closed the day at 16:00 with an evaluation. All in all, we have experienced a very educational, pleasant and inspiring day. The atmosphere was good and the content useful.